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Rituals have been part of every human society and culture: rituals of birth, marriage, coming of age, death. What role do rituals play today? Do we still need them? What do they grant us now?

The word ritual often conjures a spiritual, religious, or occult context – such as witchcraft , ceremonies, sacraments. Today it also applies to the more mundane: any established or repetitive behavior, usually with some functional purpose. We all have our own unique approach to ritual. Our latest issue draws attention to the activities that structure and give meaning to our lives, celebrating their diversity and nuances (and sometimes their absurdity). From making offerings to the full moon once a month to repairing old kiddie rides, we invite you to explore our contributors’ takes on this perennial theme of being human.

Have a ritual to share? Did any of the pieces here remind you of or inspire the (re)-invention of your own rituals? We’d love to hear from you. Message us on Instagram (@adjacent_itp), and we’ll post your submission to our story.

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