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In this particular tub, two knees jut up like icebergs, while minute brown hairs rise

Kenneth Tam in conversation with Divya Mehra
Artwork by Kenneth Tam

With an absurdist sensibility and socially disruptive subject matters, artist Kenneth Tam explores rituals as a form of cultivating intimacy.

Written by Smita Sen
Illustration by Yo-Yo Lin

Hospitals are the intermediary space that cradle all life hanging in the balance – the living and the dying, the ill and the recovering, the newly born, and the slowly lost.

Written by Iza Paez
Artwork by Isabel Páez

Since I can remember, my twin sister and I have believed in magic.

Written by Dalit Shalom
Illustration by Shira Seri Levi

Shabbat is a recurring time each week where I am able to give myself permission to step away from these cultural norms that have formed over the years in our highly stimulated and tech-savvy lives. What may appear to be a “disconnect” for many, is actually a reconnection to the self for me.



Written by Julia Margaret Lu
Illustration by Kevin Lee

j1 is a ritual formed by members of the class of 2023 to go out for “just one drink” after late-night Applications classes every Tuesday. This piece would be visual – images of students wearing tee shirts with an illustration by Kevin Lee that visualizes our j1 ritual.


Daniel Rautenbach in conversation with Bogosi Sekhukhuni
Artwork by Bogosi Sekhukhuni

“i’m not interested in the future that my eco-fascist peers want, i don’t want to recycle a projected past. i want to confront this mess we’re in so i think i will always feel optimistic about new materials and technologies. when it comes to web 3.0, i’ve worked with mixed reality since i was still figuring out my practice and i'm still very invested in the field. the recent rebranding of mixed reality and blockchain tech is frankly uninspiring in its opportunism.”


Written by Rosalie Yu
Artwork by Rosalie Yu

“Kiddie rides arrived in the form of colorful circus animals, cars, trains, airplanes, Mickey Mouse, and Doraemon characters. My grandfather stored them in our laundry room, and filled our balcony with grease and harsh paint chemicals...”


Written by FOUR-D Projects and Clara Harlow
Illustration by FOUR-D Projects

Progress Report examines the nature of progress and how we might set, frame, and accomplish goals in a way that expands the focus beyond pure labor and toward a place of joy.


Jeeyoon Hyun, Dave Stein and Yeseul Song  in conversation with Julia Margaret Lu
 Photograph by Yeseul Song

At the intersection of music and creative coding, livecoding has a strong history of cross-pollination between the ITP and livecode communities.


Written by Simone Salvo
Artwork by Simone Salvo

I invite you to share my most cherished ritual: a daily horoscope reading by my 93-year-old grandmother, June.


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