What’s in the Stars?
As Read by Junie Moonie


Written by Simone Salvo Illustration by Simone Salvo

I invite you to share in my most cherished ritual: a daily horoscope reading by my 93-year-old grandmother, June. 

It is mid-morning and I’m mid-commute. I take note of the weather, knowing she will ask about it. I reach for my phone just as it’s about to ring, our rhythms perfectly in sync. “Oh, hi dear! I’ve got your fortune!”

On these calls, time slows out of hurried step with the city and bends to the cadence of her speech; I cling to every one of her words, and to the pauses between them.

After we exchange goodbyes and I love yous, I stay on the line until I hear the click of the receiver on the hook. The day begins.

About the Author
Simone Salvo is a lens-based storyteller. She collaborates with her grandmother, June Southworth, a life-long artist. You can see more here. Simone is a sagittarius and June is a leo.

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